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5HA - Residential Masterplan, Design 2020

Situated in a peaceful village along the Mekong with full of traditional pagodas showing the mark of time, this location represents the perfect counterpoint to the rushed developments of the capital, Phnom Penh. This private resort master plan was used by the 7 families from the Cambodian new bourgeoisie who contacted Bloom with the intent of creating a green haven, a park for them to have a retreat from the busy city. Our design refers to the concept of domain, a French word for a Private estate intended for agricultural purpose composed of arable lands, forestlands, pasturelands, meadows, etc. As well as productive and residential buildings popularized by the wine domain and their castles. Another typological reference we used are the late 19th century parks are artificial. Built in the middles of European cities they are creating their own geography.




All the topography and the planting is made by man in order to give the feeling of being in the nature. Usually they also display kiosks, pavilions, and various cultural or sport activities. The estate refers to these two classical western precedents, combining the prestigious character of domains and the smooth flow of classical parks, with the tropical atmosphere from Cambodia. This glamorous property, with common outdoor and indoor facilities, blended within a picturesque tropical park shall nonetheless be functional and adapted to contemporary lifestyle. The land is roughly a 5 Ha square of 200 meters sides separated from the Mekong by a row of house, only two small areas allow to reach the road. Therefore, it calls for a more self-centred organisation. In the middle of the land stands a generous lake with an organic shape. The shape of the lake creates a peninsula where the facility area and the farming stand.

Antoine Meinnel / Bloom Architecture Co. Ltd.

Team: Antoine Meinnel, Antoine Contour, Mathilde Louis, Thea Cheahong, Mao Menchhorng

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