bloom is a boutique Architecture studio based in Phnom Penh & Bangkok which empowers local talents.

We combine our understanding of Khmer identity with methodologies from leading international offices.
Our belief is that each building shall be exemplary and inspirational.
Exceeding clients’ expectations, our innovative designs are anchored in cultural heritage.

Our vision is that design makes cities bloom


The Values

‘We are architects of focus and commitment.
We grow with each challenge.’





Through exemplary buildings and developments, we believe it is possible to trigger new behaviors and set new standards in urban planning, public spaces, sustainable construction methods and heritage preservation.

Everyday we see in our office talented young individuals

growing at the contact of experienced international architects,

and believe in a bright future.

It is the time to design the city of tomorrow...
It is now time to




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The Office


Architect DE ENSA Versailles

2015: founded BLOOM Architecture

2011 -  2014:  Herzog & de Meuron, Basel, Switzerland

2011:  OMA - Rem Koolhaas, Rotterdam , Holland

2009 – 2010:  Michel Desvigne Paysagiste, Paris, France

2005 - 2011: Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Architecure de Versailles, France. 


2013: Meyer-Levy Prize - Best architecture diploma in France

2012: Trophée Béton 2012 - Best architecture diploma using concrete

Heng Sereyvathana

Ny Kechseang

‘The office functions as a workshop.
It is a creative sanctuary where anyone

can suggest an idea at any time.’

Empowering local talents

We believe it is our duty to educate the next generation of local architects. We teach them the tools they need to be independent. Working alongside international people they learn new ways to deal with common issues and challenging situations.



A strong concept drives the design process

First, we decide with the client and the consultants what will be the main orientation of the project. It is important to identify the reason why the project is needed and meaningful. BLOOM establishes a roadmap to asses the risks and organize workshops with the client to provide the right solutions to the requirements.

Dialogue and experimentation are an important part of the process. BLOOM methods guarantee consistency of the design. We always make sure the design is coherent and corresponds the initial guidelines.

‘BLOOM uses physical and numerical models with BIM (Building Information Modeling) to design and solve the technical coordination with consultants and clients.

One 3D file incorporates all the data.’

Clients & Consultants

are sharing a vision

‘We only commit to a limited amount of project to
ensure we have the time to develop the vision
with each client’

‘By promoting dialogue and understanding we
develop long term relationships. We work hand in
hand with clients sharing our values. ’

‘For each project, specific specialists and consultants are integrated to our flexible structure’

For instance:
Project Management 

Quantity Surveyors
Construction Management

C&S - Structure Engineers

MEP - Service Engineers

Hospitality consultants

Landscape Architects
Graphic - Branding designers

 © Bloom Architecture Co. Ltd. , Phnom Penh, Cambodia, 2018

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