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 is a boutique architecture firm with offices in Phnom Penh and Paris.

We improve our environment by designing remarkable buildings that express the particularities of the local climate, ecology, materials and craftsmanship.

Inspired by contemporary culture, we create meaningful spaces for the generations that will use them, without losing sight of history.


Founded in 2015 by Antoine Meinnel, Bloom Architecture is based in Paris and Phnom Penh. It is composed of 6 directors and more than 30 collaborators. 


Born from the encounter of European and Asian cultures, the agency conceives architectural creation and the making of the city as the result of a dialogue with society.


Like a traveler who returns home with a renewed state of consciousness, Bloom approaches the project through otherness. Norms and habits are questioned in order to establish a sensitive reflection about a context. This is how constraints become opportunities. This is how unsuspected potential is revealed. 


Visible in a corpus of 25 architectural realizations, where the agency tirelessly accompanies the transformation of the built environment with an optimistic posture. The word Bloom, an invocation of the floral image, refers to soft, organic but also poetic interventions.

Architecture is a means of expression, a way to assert its time. As a reflection of ongoing social mutations, each intervention must reveal the concerns of its time and contribute to the improvement of its environment. At a time of inevitable intellectual renewal, Bloom's humble ambition is to leave the world in a better state for future generations.


- Takhmau Boarding School


- Small Houses


-x3 Property Guru Awards 2023_WINNER

-Pizza 4P's BKK1: 

INDE Awards 2023, Social Space_SHORTLISTED

-Small Houses 

INDE Award 2023, Multi Residential Building_SHORTLISTED

-FCC Siem Reap:

Liv Hospitality Design Awards 2022, Historic & Heritage_WINNER 

Liv Hospitality Design Awards 2022, Hotel Luxury_WINNER

- The Bang Competition_2021 (Jury: Sir David Chipperfield) :


- Atelier Kampot:

Architectural Review New into Old 2019_SHORLISTED


- Factory Phnom Penh:


- In Vino Veritas:

Meyer-Levy Prize 2013, Best architecture diploma in France

Trophée Béton 2012, Best architecture diploma using concrete


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Pannasastra University, Phnom Penh

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by Antoine Meinnel, guest critic

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Graduating from ENSA Versailles in 2011, Antoine Meinnel (b. 1987) went on to work for his role models, Michel Desvignes in Paris, OMA in Rotterdam and Herzog & de Meuron in Basel.


On the occasion of a personal project, the renovation of a Chinese compartment in Kampot (Cambodia), he began to develop a professional posture highlighting the importance of architects in developing countries. 



By founding Bloom in 2015 in Phnom Penh, Antoine Meinnel provided himself with a structure to install architecture at the center of the construction process and at the center of contemporary debates. 

Celebrating travel and exchange, Bloom embraces the concept of "métissage", from the encounter of otherness are born new situations.  The office reaffirms the importance of rethinking cities, and the necessity to positively influence the debate around social and environmental issues of today. 

The opening of a branch in Paris in 2023, headed by Antoine Contour, a long-term collaborator, increases the opportunities for bridges between Europe and Southeast Asia. 

Antoine Contour (France, b. 1993) is a graduate of the Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Architecture de Paris-Belleville. During his studies, he worked at Graal Architecture on various public facilities in the Paris region, and at Lacaton & Vassal where he participated in the studies for a mixed-use tower in Geneva and the competition for the London Museum. 


Freshly graduated, he flew to Cambodia, driven by a desire to discover tropical modernism. He then worked for 6 years at Bloom Architecture, and afterwards obtained his HMONP (Habilitation for Project Management), during which time he worked at UNIC Architecture in Marseille.


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Robin Leonard




Ith Sovannarith

Phnom Penh


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Théo Neuville

Phnom Penh


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Cristina Toran

Phnom Penh


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Kong Lim

Phnom Penh


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Hen Darin

Phnom Penh



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24 TS
31 NN

Nith Naryrachana

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48 HED
47 SB
50 SES
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44 LR



Bloom places the architect at the center of construction, conducting a team dedicated to a project from planning  to materialization. Rigorous care in the process is paramount to avoid risks. 


We only commit to a limited amount of projects to ensure we have the time to develop the vision with each client




Bloom believes Architecture is a global discipline, centered around the human. Rather than international style, we seek to find the right balance between universality and local particularism. A multifaceted team with extensive background from around the world is a key to better understanding contemporary transformations.  


Bloom seeks simplicity and evidence of design. A coherent project is born of a constant research for balance between forms and materials, textures and colors, existing and new, interiors and exteriors... Sophistication appears on the details, the layers.



Designing is uncovering the potential of a place and a program, rather than providing a service, Bloom pushes the boundaries and innovates with each project.



The power of composition and curated design efforts is to offer the users of each of our projects a unique experience. The elevated perception of the project  brings better values and pride to owners.


Bloom assesses projects according to their relevance in 30 years within their urban and social fabric. Sustainability is for us synonymous with lasting quality. Our project is born from the concerns of our times and the research of permanence.

Design Philosophy




Bloom's approach is defined by being both experimental and holistic. At all times, the agency asks itself how to build better with fewer resources. This search is done through a rigorous iterative process. 

To achieve this, the agency's associates make it a point of honor to define a vision as early as possible in the design process that will bring together the project's stakeholders. In order to channel the efforts, Bloom places itself at the interface between the owner, the consultants, the constructors and the end users, advocating for dialogue and understanding. 

Bloom defines the strategic orientations of the project and establishes a roadmap. Milestones are defined, followed by workshops where architectural solutions are debated. From the feasibility study to the delivery, the agency is committed to leading each step of the project's fabrication.  Fully committed to its mission, Bloom advises and reassures the client at the decisive moment of decision making. 


Construction is considered a collective act, generating recognition between all parties.


Where one might initially see a constraint, Bloom detects a potential to express creativity and generate value in use. 

Designing meaningful architecture, places where users meet and mingle, requires a creative process that questions the relevance of ideas to a specific social and environmental context. Attention to detail and empathy towards the end user are at the heart of the agency's concerns. Alternative solutions are put into competition, and evaluated from the user's point of view. 


Learning, improving and renewing from one project to the next allow Bloom to reveal the genius of the place (genius loci).


From the first stroke of the pen to delivery, the sustainability of our projects is an absolute priority, whether it be socio-cultural or environmental. Buildings that stand the test of time not only generate pride for their recipients, but also have a significantly reduced carbon footprint. We advocate that Architecture must be sustainable and integrated into the current and future transformations of its environment.

Adaptability is a key factor that we systematically question.  Bloom considers during the project how our buildings will be used in thirty years and the built heritage bequeathed to future generations. Our experience in "adaptive reuse", a synthesis between conservation and contemporary intervention, is a major asset in our understanding of the potential reversibility of a building. 

In order to fight against obsolescence, we advocate a clear hierarchy between structural and structural elements, which ultimately allow the mutability of each space. Bloom develops an aesthetic around passive comfort systems, interacting with the climatic environment rather than negating it. For example, double layered facades which not only provide a buffer space, but define a usable interstice between the interior and exterior, ultimately allowing the building to establish a rich connection with its environment. 

Local  suppliers are prioritized in our tenders, and whenever possible, we emphasize recycled materials and re-use in general, to avoid unnecessary waste of energy and resources.

Bloom Architecture Co Ltd


is a limited company based in Phnom Penh providing architecture and engineering consultancy

Registered at Ministry of Commerce :  0000 7194

Registered a General department of Taxation : K 003 - 901 700 937

 Design license from Ministry of Land Managment : 101 NSKB / 21SB

Managing Partner : Antoine MEINNEL

Bloom Architecture SAS


Registered at RCS PARIS : 919 709 014
Registered at the board of architect : S22870

President : Antoine MEINNEL

Directeur General : Antoine CONTOUR

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