bloom is a bespoke Architecture studio based in Phnom Penh and Paris

empowering local talents with global techniques and a sustainable philosophy.


Our hybrid architecture defines innovative answers to contemporary paradigms,

according to human centric and environmental conscious solutions

without losing sight of historical precedents.


Our vision is for cities to bloom with meaningful designs.


Each project shall be inspirational in its singular ways.


bloom is a responsible practice, driven by 3 pillar missions:

  • develop an architecture generating added value for the users,

  • empower a community of architects with shared values,

  • research continuously about the long term environmental and social impact of our buildings




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Adaptive Reuse, Cambodia
French-Cambodian architect Antoine Meinnel’s Phnom Penh firm Bloom Architecture is behind several projects that reflect its approach to heritage conservation

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Antoine Meinnel (b.1987, France / Cambodia) started his own practice Bloom in 2015, currently his studios are based in Phnom Penh (Cambodia) and Paris (France).


The broad range of recent realizations from Bloom include private residences, public buildings like the Factory Phnom Penh (Longlisted by Dezeen awards in 2019) hotels such as the FCC Angkor (Siem Reap, 2019) and Amber (Kampot, 2020) as well as educational buildings such as the South Field School (Phnom Penh, 2020) and a boarding school in Bamboo (Phnom Penh, 2021). In 2021, Bloom was awarded the first prize for a cultural center in Battambang (The Bang). Bloom also continue to develop an acute interest for urban design and masterplaning, as visible in the Lifestyle Park (Phnom Penh, 2021).


Antoine was featured in the Architectural guide of Phnom Penh (DOM publishers, 2019) and was invited as a guest critic / lecturer at the Nanjing Southeast Univerisity (China) in 2019. Moreover he also draws inspiration from the farm to table bistro and plantation which he started in parallel to Bloom in the South of Cambodia, Atelier Kampot.


In 2011 he graduated from Ecole Nationale Superiéure d’Architecture de Versailles and his final project was awarded the prix Meyer Levy for best diploma by the French order of Architects and the Trophée Béton 2012 - Best architecture diploma in concrete. Immediately thereafter, he took the opportunity to collaborate within the offices of his theoretical mentors, namely Michel Desvigne in Paris, Office for Metropolitan Architecture in Rotterdam and Herzog & de Meuron in Basel. Following his experience at Herzog & de Meuron where he followed the Lyon Confluence Masterplan, he dedicated a year and half working on a personal project in Cambodia, the renovation of a colonial shophouse in Kampot, which was longlisted for the dezeen awards and shortlisted for the New into old awards 2019 by Architectural Review. This project shown Antoine the key role an architect can play within the current development of Cambodia, and the importance of to convey sustainable values. This was the incentive to start his multifaceted and eclectic architectural office Bloom to empowers Cambodian talents.


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Ith Sovannarith


Phnom Penh


Théo Neuville


Phnom Penh


Robin Leonard




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Antoine Contour




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Kong Lim


Phnom Penh


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Cristina Toran


Phnom Penh


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Hen Darin


Phnom Penh



Ou Oudompanhavuth


37 CD
38 PL
39 MM
40 CR
36 SM

Mak Molirithiruth


Chhun Raksmeychan


33 MS




Where one could see a lack of resources, bloom see potential for creativity and opportunities in this to set higher standards of design in terms of urban planning, public spaces, sustainable construction methods and heritage preservation.


Working in Cambodia allowed us to question the role of the architect in the middle of the social and economic changes currently taking place, in response, we explore innovative architectural concepts to positively contribute to the debate.


We view our buildings as having a unique relationship with its territory, revealing regional specificities we believe that a building designed for Kampot shall not be the same as building in Siem Reap or Phnom Penh.




We believe Architecture is not about creating ostentatious images but rather places where people live, mix and exchange. Through our buildings and developments, we allow for new behavior and new standards in urban planning, public spaces, sustainable construction methods and heritage preservation. bloom defends social mix, our project shall have an impact on the multiple layers of the society in each project, not just an elite.


Every day, we see in our office talented young individuals aware of the global situations and long-term sakes, which makes us believe in a bright future.



bloom’s aim is to lower energy consumption, and to develop an architecture with lower carbon footprint. We have steadily developed our engineering capacity to decrease technological dependence on imported building products, supporting wherever possible local fabricators. Our designs work with the environment, not against it by allowing for new kind of spaces that filter the outside weather conditions and create synergies with the climate.


Carefully crafted projects minimize maintenance by shifting integrated technological solutions to visible and aesthetic passive systems. To generate comfort, we use layered façade system buffer spaces and natural ventilation, to passively control weather, blurring the relation between inside and outside allows us to conceive buildings that have a deeper connection to nature.





bloom designs robust buildings, made to last while keeping in mind that building shall be able to easily change destination. To fight obsolescence, we make clear the hierarchy of function and change and reversibility potential in order to foresee potential changes in the future.


This innovative way of considering buildings is inherited from our experience in adaptive reuse of existing structures. What matters is not only to rely on the historical value of a building, but to understand how it could still participate to society in the future. Time is a very powerful design ingredient, we reveal and intensify historical layers to synthesize new designs pursuing a narrative to emphasize past and potential future transformations of the building.





By promoting dialogue and collaboration with our clients, bloom always ensures we develop a singular vision for each project. For each project, a transversal team of specific specialists and consultants are selected according to their fit with the project’s requirements. Carefully listening to the client and the selected consultants, bloom defines the main orientations of the project and establishes a roadmap followed by workshops with the client to assess the right architectural solutions.


Our mission is not only to design but as well to solve the technical coordination with consultants and clients. For instance, bloom invested in the use of large-scale physical model and BIM (Building Information Modelling) to enhance coordination.


Through this methodology and developing our own tools, bloom guarantees consistency and ensure the coherence of the design. Moreover, with each projects bloom has developed a trustful relationship with most local contractors, we value their opinion, permitting us to have clear estimates of a project value and constructability.





While bloom has earned his reputation for the quality of our design, at the same time beautiful and pragmatic, we also have found many clients in need for a more holistic partner that could take them through all steps of the construction process, from feasibility study to actual construction handover.


The architect stands as the advocate of the built quality, as the leader of the team of specialist who will materialize a client's vision. Proposed specialists scope can be done by bloom in house or through partner companies depending on the complexity of the project,

for example:

Quantity survey / economist

Structural engineers

Civil engineers

MEP engineers

Interior design




We feel invested and deal with your project like we would do with our own, always advising decisions for the benefits of the project. We are there at the very start of the project and will accompany until its completion.



Bloom Architecture Co Ltd


is a limited company based in Phnom Penh providing architecture and engineering consultancy

Registered at Ministry of Commerce :  0000 7194

Registered a General department of Taxation : K 003 - 901 700 937

 Design license from Ministry of Land Managment : 101 NSKB / 21SB

Bloom Architecture SASU


Registered at Board of Architects (Orde des architectes d'Ile-De-France ) :  S22870