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Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Completed 2021

Travel clinic, 100sqm

This travel clinic marks a new era of design for Pasteur

The Institut Pasteur du Cambodge, an institution in research on infectious diseases, is strategically located on Monivong Boulevard, the busiest street of Phnom Penh.



The renovation undertaken by Bloom in 2020 answers an accrued need for security, but also proposes a new scheme finding a balance between improving spaces, ease of access and sense of welcoming.


The flow is simplified by the new architectural configuration in which sanitary risks are better controlled for the visitors, the staffs and the delivery.


The new facade gives a presence to the IPC on the public realm, a glass brick wall erected on the main boulevard screens entries while allowing visual transparency to the renovated entrance courtyard.


Right behind, two newly built pavilions containing a travel sampling facility and a waiting room will bathe in a beautiful filtered natural light.


Entering through the glass brick wall, they will be then channeled from a front reception through a gallery, under a light metal structure complemented with tropical plants.

BLOOMARCHITECTURE_PasteurInstitute_OkiHiroyuki_038 (1).jpg

Soft light and natural ventilation soothes the mind, which plays a huge part to the wellbeing of the visitors. 


This renewed entrance offers new possibilities for the future of the campus of IPC.

Antoine Meinnel for Bloom Architecture

Owner: Pasteur Institute

Team - Antoine Meinnel (partner), Theo Neuville (associate in charge), Ny Kechseang (project leader)

Contractor: ASBIC 

Photographer: Oki Hiroyuki

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