Atelier Pepper Farm

Kampot, Agricultural storage and packaging facility, 1000 sqm, In construction

Phnom Penh, 90 000 sqm , Residential

Schematic design 2016

‘This agricultural storage building stands like conceptual pavilion inside of a pepper plantation, blending seamlessly with the geometry of the peppers pole rows. Only using the materials available inside the pepper farm, it appears as a series of rammed earth walls, covered by agricultural netting, blending seamlessly with the surrounding plantations.’

"Learning from the Land Art movement, this agricultural storage building stands like a conceptual pavilion inside of a pepper plantation. The building merges with the agricultural context and disappears within the rows of pepper poles."

"The aim is also to tackle the need to think about territorial regeneration in Cambodia by emphasizing the horrendous effect of the earth quarries around the site, needed to build new roads, and researching the way to revert the process by showing how it could be possible in the future to use the soil for better purpose locally."

"The aim was to reflect and tribute the way the pepper is cultivated through a slow and grounded process which grants Kampot pepper the only PGI in the world for a pepper corn. Inspired by the concept of "Terroir", the project tries to be the sum of the local conditions and know how, a creation which could only be born from a specific geographical location."

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