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Phnom Penh, Completed 2017

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Residential Interiors, 80 sqm

The Apartment, is a refurbishment project completed by Bloom. This apartment lies in the middle of the city of Phnom Penh, housed by one of the many typically designed multistory buildings of the Colonial Centre that inhabit all the intersections of the city.


Prior to the refurbishment, the apartment was just an empty shell. The apartment building by itself had a striking post-war modernist style in its architecture. The rounded corner of the building  made it stand out amongst the busy lanes and crowded streets of the city. Hence, for the refurbishment design to do justice to not just the current times but also to the historical context of the building, it was important for Bloom to find the right blending and balance between the Traditional and Modern which would result in the apartment’s transformation into a more contemporary and comfortable living space. 


The renovation design conceived was for a young couple, so the entire space was divided into not more than just one bedroom, a bathroom, a small kitchen and a very wide living room. A larger living area was decided to be arranged in a manner that it provide the best views to the outside while bringing in ample natural light, making the living room the main element of the apartment. The two main walls that divide the apartment to form all the spaces are made of glass block and reclaimed white caracole marble tiles. These worked as partition while also allowing the light to enter and illuminate the inner spaces of the rooms.




Bloom’s custom-made furniture made from Koki wood with dark finishing and touches of rattan for wardrobe and drawers, formed a soothing contrast with the white walls and the marble tiles, a contrast that ultimately created a sense of balance in the apartment.    

Both, the apartment building and the apartment itself were very functional at their fundamental level. But for an apartment to transform from a mere space to a living place requires a choreography of space division and design. This project is simple in its space segregation and attention has been given to the design of the details. The use of classic furniture, finishing that are crafted from local materials along with the conservation of the exterior is what elevates the feeling and maintains the identity of this classic apartment. 


Antoine Meinnel - Bloom Architecture Co. Ltd.,

Team: Antoine Meinnel, Lim Kong

Contractor: Somath Uk Construction

Lighting Designer: Charles-Henri Fort - Sao Light

Customized Furniture: Bloom Architecture Co. Ltd.,

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