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Siem Reap, Completion scheduled 2021

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5Ha - Landscape & Public amenities


Located on a prime 5ha land in the center of Siem Reap, this project rethink an unfinished existing development of 300 apartments. The aim was updating the design by providing high class facilities as well as a fully new landscape expressing the concept of grace given by the client. In order for the existing structure to blend seamlessly with the landscape we simplified their expression and went for mineral looking facade composed of a grey cement render and accents of orange terra-cotta blocks.


The existing buildings are three stories high, on top they host a terrace level with a pergola and partial roof. Each staircase distributes to six apartments, two on each floor identical on either side. The apartments on the ground floor have a private entrance garden.


The concept is inspired by the unique and beautiful Siem Reap culture and texture. It will break from standardized hotels in the immediate area by offering amenities inspired by the Khmer culture. This residential development is designed to be a retreat offering guests a peaceful reprieve from the busy and sensory rich Siem Reap environment. The serene surrounding of the Hotel’s facilities will attract non-hotel-guests drawn by the reputation of the speciality restaurant and the gardens.

The external areas have been designed to reinterpret the three main elements that constitute the Angkorian atmosphere: Water, Plants and Stone, creating a landscape that will surround and connect the building. Each apartment will have a privileged relationship with nature. The presence of water and plants will offer a natural and efficient fresh atmosphere and contribute to the issue of rainwater drainage. The result is an inward facing controlled environment with significant cultural tones. Uniquely Cambodian with a modern and contemporary twist it will offer the highest level of comfort.


The architecture will be an extrovert architecture, widely opened on the outside, where the boundaries between interior and exterior will be blurred. As far as possible, the materials will be local, easy to join and simple. Wood, stone, brick and concrete will be the main component of the project. We believe that the quality of the architecture under this specific climate is given by the subtle relationship between the inside and the outside. A large number of trees and tropical plants will be planted to create shade, cool and enhance the tropical experience.

Antoine Meinnel / Bloom Architecture Co. Ltd.

Team: Antoine Meinnel, Robin Leonard, Sov Kikheang, Mao Menchhorng, Khoan Pengly

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