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Phnom Penh, Completed 2018

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Multifunctional space, 250 sqm


This transformation of an existing guesthouse into a student dormitory, for the French NGO “Toutes a l’ecole”, responds to the escalading real estate prices in Phnom Penh making it unaffordable for poor populations from the province to study in the capital city of Cambodia.

Two humble extensions integrate with the existing structure, by proposing sigle volumes, pitched roofs and walls finished white rustic lime render.

Generous windows are enclosed with bespoke adaptable wooden shutters allowing students the flexibility to protect from the environment while keeping natural ventilation and views. A community space is created on rooftop level while the groundfloor annex are hosting management offices. A light metal escape staircase was added to comply to international standards.

It was important to have to use inexpensive local materials which beautiful craftsmanship will make unique. For instance the existing terracotta floor was kept for budget purpose and complimented with matching materials. The building had to convey the same values of the NGO, it is cosy, open and bright. It is locally made but with international influences.

Antoine Meinnel / Bloom Architecture Co. Ltd.

Team: Antoine Meinnel, Lim Kong, Ith Sovannarith, Peou Chinda 

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