Phnom Penh, Completed 2020


3 houses - 600 sqm


This house typology respond to the very small plot where it stands, inside a residential block, only accessible by foot thought an alleyway. It was crucial to keep the village scale of the context, a unique feature in the city center of Phnom Penh. For this reason the shape of the facade walls were conceived to look like an archeological remain of what existed there before. The first two levels of the facade were designed like a cloth that protects from the sun and provide the right amount of privacy and thermal protection. The double skin facade uses a local material, handmade cement block which was chosen as it represents the right balance between craft and industrial. The opening are irregular, positioned where allowed by the surrounding to allow light in the ground floor while maintaining privacy. A custom pattern was created for this purpose. The upper floor is open and light to break down the scale do the building and to benefit from the great view available. Each floor of the twins houses offers a 30 sqm so we choose to give each of them one use, to live, to sleep, to work.

Antoine Meinnel / Bloom Architecture Co. Ltd.

Team: Antoine Meinnel, Kong Lim, Ny Kechseang