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Sihanoukville, Under Construction

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214 rooms, 30 000sqm, 4 stars +


Novotel is a brand which invites its guests to a contemporary lifestyle infused with local culture. The brand is adopts beautifully to various environment and clientele types without compromising its standards of quality. It reinvents modern hospitality without forgetting its French flair. Novotel Sihanoukville has 200 rooms over a podium of common facilities.


The resort recalls other prestigious international seaside destinations but distinguishes itself by the integration of local materials such as the handmade cement blocks forming the balustrade, the wooden partition on the balconies and the local sandstone applied to ground walls. It is a modern building without being a generic glass box. The design reflects its seaside location. Wide balconies offer scenic sea view terraces while providing protection from the tropical sun and rains. Material tones match the white sand. Following the concept of “castaway”, the hotel garden is planted with native species, to create a natural untouched coastal aspect.

Antoine Meinnel / Bloom Architecture Co. Ltd.

Team: Antoine Meinnel, Hen Darin, Hun Phanha, Mao Menchhorng, Seyha 

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