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Sihanoukville, Concept 2019

Masterplan, 3 Ha

The aim of the masterplan is to differentiate the development from the mass of new constructions in Sihanoukville by making strategic use of the singularities of the land and its exceptional location.


The masterplan will be composed of 2 parts.

First, the plan itself which shall be a representation of the best massing according to the site (its geography, climate, usage, built surroundings) in order to create something UNIQUE & CONTEXTUAL.

Second, a set of guidelines to develop the land emphasizing on:

- creating a green environment.

- a dense program to optimize the built areas and create a neighborhood aspect - develop the right mix with facility and support programs needed to make the development self sustainable, the right mix between single family and multifamily to attain different demographics.

- integrate accesses & parking.

- high quality architecture.




The site is located only 5mn from the center of Sihanoukville, at the top of a hill overlooking the bay, above the fast Short term developments which gangrene the bay. The aim is to propose an alternative to the uncontrolled development of Sihanoukville. The site is defined by its topography and its views, it has potential to be a retreat from the urban jungle that sihanoukville has become, a dense village in a green environment.


The landscape structures an organic and mixt development throught its amenities.

It offers a seamless green continuity, only using water, topography and vegetation with no physical limit in between both the villas and the condos. The greenery blends both development together with the main distribution road.

The facilities are use for both the villas and the condos spread along the sharing green spaces and the lower levels of the condos footprint.

It gives a human scale and emphasize the freedom of movement and sense of village inside the site.The access strategy gives the privacy and security needed for a gated community.

The strategy for the parking is to follow the topography, it allows the building to increase or decrease in number of floors while keeping the same footprint.

Antoine Meinnel / Bloom Architecture Co. Ltd.

Team: Antoine Meinnel, Cristina Toran, Saniya Patel, Khoan Pengly, Mao Menchhorng

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