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Kep, Concept 2020

Private house, 700 sqm


Nested in the famous hills of Kep-sur-Mer, a balneary station which in the glorious 60s was once know as the Cambodian St Tropez, this house is an homage to the hillside residences that once flourished there. In between the sea and the national park, beautiful sceneries surround the site.


Conscious about its proportions, the project integrates the site by giving as much importance to the built structures as to the definition of the landscape. The villa is a composition of 4 pavilions sitting subtly on the relief and allowing dense layers of vegetation in between them.


Each pavilion hosts a use (common areas, master bedrooms and guest bedrooms and service areas). They are slightly shifted to allow each of them direct views to the sea and the autonomy to explore their own relationship to the landscape. Each of their roofs are slightly twisted to respond the curves of the hill. Overall, it creates a multifaceted building juxtaposing lightness and massivity, transparency and introversion.


The sandstone rock laying below the surface of the hill is unveiled and used as a construction material for the project as a facade cladding and for the service core, swimming pool podium and staircase, achieving the ultimate goal to the house to the hill.



Antoine Meinnel / Bloom Architecture co. Ltd.

Team: Ith Sovannarith, Ban Rithy, Pum Sunvisnouk

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