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Bangkok, Concept 2016

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Sport & Leisure, 1200 sqm


This existing swimming pool in Bangkok has a very distinctive facade, which directly expresses the building structure clad with red bricks, a typical of the 80s in Thailand. 


We wanted to emphasize the degree of transparency of this facade and another particularity which is the way one moves inside through corridors along brick-clad columns opened on both sides. The client was convinced of the value of the existing 80’s architecture and we worked together to revive it. For this reason, we stripped the structure of all unneeded part and offer it new functions creating opportunities for new use of this space. The existing corridors will serve to distribute new programs and green spaces. 


The aim was to add a spa, a gym and a restaurant to be able to cater to a new clientele. The additions will be expressed as clear volumes which will blend with the existing bricks. The materials and constructive patterns will emphasize the robustness and sobriety of the existing structure. The tones will be neutral and mineral, complementing the existing instead of competing with it. Touches of vegetation will blur the inside and outside making the transparency of the building even more perceptible.

Antoine Meinnel - Bloom Architecture Co. Ltd.,

Team: Antoine Meinnel, Lim Kong, Ith Sovannarith, Hen Darin

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