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Concept, 2020


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Corner House, 2020

  How to create a home in a dense city center like Phnom Penh? How to convey through architecture feeling of intimacy and a relaxation? The house makes use of an existing building on site, stripped out of any unfunctional additions, keeping only the base structure. This found structure is expanded with a light metal construction offering new spaces which are complementary to the original ones.

  The form of the building adapts to the diverse type and scale of surrounding buildings. Openings are carefully chosen to show interesting views while maintaining privacy for the occupants. The ground floor benefits from a private garden and a deck that wraps around it.

  Despite a clumbsy recent renovation, the house is a remain of the reflection from the New Khmer Architecture about climatic buffer spaces. The new balconies invite natural light in the house while controlling sun radiation using a metal mesh, and create the feeling of being surrounded by a garden. Inside the house a light color palette was selected to create a zen atmosphere as one partakes to his daily tasks.

Antoine Meinnel / Bloom Architecture Co. Ltd.

Team : Antoine Meinnel, Ith Sovannarith (associate in charge), Heng Thanak, Orng Phala

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