KHOM / Marriott Autograph

Renovation, under construction

KHOM / Marriott Autograph

Phnom Penh, Cambodia, 153 keys, 5 stars hotel, Under Construction


The facade shall take in account the existing structural grid and correct its
proportion to look complete. It is like a clothing that at the same time hide
the existing body and reveal it. It will be built of robust materials: granite &
glassfiber reinforced concrete. The facade embodies humility and discretion.
Cambodian culture and craftmanship are embedded and reinterpreted
throughout even the small details, lending a soulful and pristine finish to the
The drop off area combines maneuverability and waiting areas
within a sophisticated hardscape featuring a granite cobblestone floor.
A transition operates gradually as one walk from the street. The gallery
prepares the mind and soothes the soul, before entering. Outburst of
greenery arouse interest and produce a layer evolution towards inner grace.


Team: Antoine Meinnel, Hen Darin, Antoine Contour,
Heng Sereyvattana, Ban Rithy, Nong Demy

MEP C&S Engineer : Meinhardt Thailand
Interiors : FBEYE

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