Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Completed 2021

Boarding school - 21 rooms

The boarding school for the NGO Happy Chandara / Toutes à l’école who permits young girl to access education blends a robust concrete skeleton with a light and organic bamboo skin, protecting the inside from the harsh tropical sun.


The main concept is to put the mansion building at the core of the guests’ experience.


As far as possible, we disconnected from the mansion all additional constructions in order to emphasize it as a unique historical remain and to create space to keep the magnificent vegetation.


" The main concept is to put the mansion building at the core of the guests’ experience. "


A new reception called the Sala, which is a Thai term which relates to a self-standing guest pavilion, stands in the middle of a lush garden and provides to guests a sense of arrival. The space is then followed by a covered walkway leading the guest to a serene courtyard where all the rooms are grouped.


Our design is a continuation of both previous architectural interventions :

the colonial Architecture of the Mansion and the tropical-modernism of Gary Fell.


Discreet interventions will respect the DNA of the FCC property. The architecture is inspired by both previous interventions and is painted white to blend seamlessly. The identity of the new FCC is a juxtaposition of architectural periods leading to a contemporary Cambodian architecture. Each new elements (floors, window, handrail, ...) will be in noble local materials such as the white sandstone and Koki wood. This will bring a contemporary local touch, we want guests to experience the Cambodian environment through the materials.


In such a site, our ultimate aim was to create a balance between the architecture and the landscape. The gardens of the property are renovated with curated local species intensifying the green aspect of the site and emphasizing the calm aspect of its courtyards.


Antoine Meinnel / Bloom Architecture Co. Ltd.

Team: Antoine Meinnel, Antoine Contour, Prak Chantha, Peou Chinda,

Heng Sereyvathana, Alexandre Auzenat (intern)