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Siem Reap, Concept 2020

Private house, 600 sqm


The apsara house takes his names from khmer feminine dancing divinity and the organisation in charge of regulating the Angkor area. Due to its proximity from the temples, the house had to respect a traditional morphology with a double pitch roof. 

In an effort to keep elegant proportions for this extensive family house we chose to organize it like a small village of 5 houses around a courtyard rather than a big house. The house is setback from the boundaries. Surrounded by a garden, it maintains a low profile with all the main functions on ground floor and only a few rooms hidden within the roof. It’s main feature is a protected courtyard at the heart of the residence.

As one enters the house, he crosses the reception for guest and the social area of the house. This space acts as a filter from the exterior, it refers from the traditional noble Asian house such as the blue house in Penang. The serene courtyard  at the core of the house is only accessible to the family but can be perceived from the entrance area behind a screen made of reclaimed wood,l. From the courtyard the family have access to their rooms and the family living room open to another garden at the back. The rooms are introverted, directed to a garden between the house and the boundary wall, forming a retreat.

The house introduce sophisticated details and contemporary textures and blends them with the local reference. Large roofs finished with wooden shingles seems to be floating above monolithic volumes covered of ochre soil render. These massive volumes organize a spatial diversity and a varied relationship to the outside of the house. Continuity between inside and outside is emphasized by the seamless granite finition of the floor which is continued as well on the boundary walls. This subtle palette juxtapose textures and tones to create contrast.

 Antoine Meinnel / Bloom Architecture Co.Ltd.

Team: Antoine Meinnel, Cristina Toran, Ny Kechseang, Mathilde Louis, Prak Chantha, Bun Srey Thida

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