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Siem Reap, Concept 2019

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12 Shophouses, 150 sqm per shophouse

The residential development of the Angkor Golf Resort Masterplan  is characterized by a close relationship between the architecture and the natural environment. A homogeneous new district is imagined, with an identity defined by architectural simplicity relating to its buccolic context.

The first buildings to be constructed will be a series of shophouse, made for affordable rental market. While the plan is compact and functional, the shophouse were grouped by four and staggered in order to give the aspect of a series of big villas instead of a row.

Moreover, a widely available material, cement roof tiles, was used as facade finishing, creating a ventilated envelope which plays with the green surroundings, offering as well shade and thermal protection.

Antoine Meinnel / Bloom Architecture Co. Ltd.

Team: Antoine Meinnel, Hen Darin,  Mao Menchhorng

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