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Kampot, Completed 2020

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35 villas with private pools, 5 stars, 6000 sqm​


Amber Kampot is a resort project undertaken by Bloom in early 2018. In the context of an unexplored Asian mangrove forest at the foot of the magnificent Bokor Mountains, Bloom tries to discover what could be a Kampot specific luxury retreat that would delve into the Cambodian culture, all while being surrounded by Nature’s beauty and extravagance.

The resort consists of a collection of luxurious bungalow units that nest on the riverfront forest of Nipa Palms. The site is blessed with a privileged boat access from the most cheerful of Cambodian colonial cities. While most cities of Cambodia are being developed as quick as possible, Kampot is maintaining its traditional ways of life. Through this project, Amber does its bit in promoting and emphasizing the cultural richness of the local fisherman villages. It understands the main components of the Kampotian lifestyle and blends it with the local landscape to offer a unique experience. An experience that would feel like a tranquilizing walk in a tropical forest.   

Amber Kampot resort takes inspiration from Cambodia’s ancient forest and from modern minimalism. The design make use of integrating wood, neutral colours and plenty of textures to reflect the area’s natural beauty. The complex, as a whole, forms a tropical loop starting from the facilities, suitable for a mind-cleansing stroll through an ever-surprising landscape. The spaces thus created leave an experience of uninterrupted flow as one leaves the twisted mangroves behind and enter the modern indoor spaces. Spaces that are uncluttered and minimal so as to not detract from the surrounding scenery.

The masterplan consists of only 3 types of modules, clusters of which are inspired from traditional fishermen villages. The villas are designed to propose a disconnection from the daily routine to a more serene and lush environment. They are self-centered around an inner garden with curated local species and a private swimming pool. This carefully curated alchemy between the lush vegetation and minimal yet sophisticated architecture is what makes enables Amber Resort to provide a truly unique experience for those to inhabit it.


The architecture of Amber Kampot is about being specific, generous and respectful of the environment. The aim is to lower energy consumption, reduce importation of materials and lower technology dependency which would ultimately reduce the overall cost as well. Hence, priority was given to local craftsmanship over standardization of materials and techniques. This seamless blending of calms of the luxury and the excitement of the dense greens is what makes the resort worth exploring this untouched corner of the globe.


Antoine Meinnel - Bloom Architecture Co. Ltd.,

Team: Antoine Meinnel, Cristina Toran, Robin Leonard, Ith Sovannarith, Ny Kechseang, Khoan Pengly, Patel Saniya

Contractor: BSN Co. Ltd.

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